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There is nothing better than having the perfect garage for your classic car, motorcycles, or sports car. You can give your garage a modern clean look by adding an epoxy floor coating. Not only does this protect the floor, it helps the cleanup of oil and grease that cars leave behind. If you are looking for an Orange County epoxy floor coatings company, please contact Epoxy Pros to make an appointment!

We offer epoxy coatings in Orange County and the surrounding areas of southern California. Not only do we apply these coatings in some amazing garages, but our application is used in both commercial and industrial spaces. Since epoxy floor coatings have so many benefits over standard concrete or vinyl tile, it is used as popular floor coating for its non-slip texture and superior resistance to staining

You may see do it yourself packages online or at those big box home improvement stores, but the quality and epoxy material does not come close to what our team at Premier Concrete Coatingsuses for client applications. If you are looking for Orange County epoxy coatings for a garage at home, shop floor, or even your factory floor, give us a call and we can provide the material and color options available

Since our epoxy coatings wick into concrete, they form a durable overlay that can be applied to various shapes and flooring areas where other flooring material may not work as well.

 Also, because our quality material is thicker than other coatings, it can be successfully applied to new and older concrete than may have hairline cracks.

 Premier Concrete Coatings serves both residential and commercial clients, we offer several professional grade epoxy floor coatings in Orange County.  If you are interested in the options available for your specific application, please visit our portfolio that demonstrates our quality work. You will be amazed at how much a flooring project updates the entire space! If you have any questions, please contact us about your project.

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